Reinventing New Year's Resolutions - Challenge starts January 7, 2019
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About This Program
Not Your Average Challenge
We want to teach you how to transform your life by incorporating these 7 healthy habits into your daily routine. We aren't just talking about a physical transformation but an entire 180. By practicing these 7 healthy habits you will feel energized, restored and renewed


The Bread and Butter
Sign up today to receive all the benefits to help you achieve your individualized goals!

  •  3 Group Fitness Classes Each Week
  •  1 - 30 Minute Individual Consult
  •  1 Nutrition and Wellness Workshop
  •  Access to our Private Facebook Group
  •  Accountability
  •  Habit tracking and sharing with coaches and peer
  •  Ebook with 3 strategies for each habit
Benefits of Our Challenge
This challenge will help you transform the way you do life. You will relearn how to live a healthy lifestyle, obtain your goal physic, learn to eat without dieting and get proper amounts of sleep. 
Throw away your boring meal plan and learn how to achieve your goals without restricting foods you love.  
Staying hydrated plays a vital role in your overall health and wellness.  
Taking a few minutes out of your day and practicing self care will have a huge impact on your mental and physical health.
Mobility and flexibility will help you accomplish every day tasks easier and help you defy the aging process.
Taking a step back and reflecting on your day can help with relieving stress, showing gratitude and setting goals.
We love a good nights sleep, don't you? A good nights sleep is crucial in living your best life.
Daily exercise will not only benefit your waist line but also your heart, brain, bones and more!
Why it  Works
Every member of the challenege will have access to a private facebook group where there will be constant accountability and assistance. However, what really makes this challenge stand out is the app we will utilize to track and share the 7 healthy habits.

*Cost of this challenge is only a few dollars a days* 
Testimonial #1
This gym has changed my outlook on fitness, I absolutely love it now.  Working out is not about just changing your body, but changing your life.  Attending classes at TFC are so enjoyable and they offer so many different ones. The staff are personable and make you feel so comfortable.  Personal training is my favorite!  It really helps achieve your individual goals. 
Take the plunge - Join us!

Testimonial #2
Love Love Love this gym. Rosanne, Lauryn and Staff are knowledgeable, caring, supportive and go out of their way to help you succeed. Great classes that are fun and energetic - you actually look forward to working out. The ladies that attend this gym become family, supporting one another and just having fun.
And then there’s the nutritional side. Lauryn and Rosanne work hard at providing ways to eat healthy and not depriving yourself of what you love. They provide guidance on meal planning and more. I’ll repeat “Love Love Love this gym”.
Testimonial #3
With their training, teaching and encouragement, I have had amazing results. I have lost weight, inches and gained muscle. My self confidence and pride has been restored. 
The staff is incredible. and so supporting.  The community they create is amazing!
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